How to Buy

Technical steps involved in the ordering process
  • Click "Proceed to Payment" in the shopping cart displayed on the screen
  • You will be directed to a general order page (Checkout), where you will be guided through the individual purchase stages
  • Step 1 Select "Invoice and Shipping Address" (if you don't have a customer account then you must create an account first by registering first where you have to fill in all the data that must be filled in by making the original data when the data are all immediately click register and your account will be automatically registered with us.
  • Step 2 If the invoice address and shipping address are different, you can "enter a different shipping address" by checking the box provided
  • Step 3 Select "Payment Method" (by clicking on the desired payment method)
  • Step 4 You can choose from "More Options" by ticking the relevant boxes (different delivery address, delivery date, use voucher, add comments/notes to order)
  • Complete the order by clicking "Send"
Identify and correct input errors
Before you complete an order for binding effects, or at any point during the ordering process, you can correct the information you have entered using the usual functions of your keyboard and mouse. You can also make corrections to the information you have provided during the ordering process.